12 Paces Without A Head by Sven Taddicken

»12 Paces Without A Head«

by Sven Taddicken

Having fun, sparking chaos and kicking up a riot used to be the way of life for pirates. But when legendary pirate Störtebeker is seriously wounded in a sea battle, he begins to question whether this life holds a future for him...

4 Days in May by Achim von Borries

»4 Days in May«

by Achim von Borries

4 DAYS IN MAY – a great moving film - tells of the encounter between two warring camps, a dangerous love, and of a German boy and a Soviet captain: A son without a father. A father without a son.

A Gun In Each Hand by Cesc Gay

»A Gun In Each Hand«

by Cesc Gay

Eight men in their forties are caught up in everyday situations revealing their main conflict: a masculine identity crisis.

An emotional comedy portraying the lacks, weaknesses and other "virtues" of men today...

A Mysterious World by Rodrigo Moreno

»A Mysterious World«

by Rodrigo Moreno

After his girlfriend suddenly breaks up with him, a young man's life transforms into an erratic urban journey inexplicably connected to his temperamental communist-era car.

A Rational Solution by Jörgen Bergmark

»A Rational Solution«

by Jörgen Bergmark

Erland is married to May and starts a love affair with his best friend's new wife Karin. His rational solution is that all four of them move into one house where they set up 10 rules for their new life together. A black tragic comedy about marriage, friendship and passion in an impossible combination.

A Thousand Years of Good Prayers by Wayne Wang

»A Thousand Years of Good Prayers«

by Wayne Wang

Mr. Shi is a widower and a retired man from Beijing. When Yilan, his only daughter who lives in the US, has a divorce, he decides to visit her in the small town where she works as a librarian...

Above the Street, below the Water by Charlotte Sieling

»Above the Street, below the Water«

by Charlotte Sieling

»Above the street below the Water« is a film about the adult generation of today. A generation for whom everything is possible and only the imagination sets the limits for what you can desire. But all choices have consequences ...

Absolute Giganten by Sebastian Schipper

»Absolute Giganten«

by Sebastian Schipper

In the sea port of Hamburg, Germany, Floyd decides to ship for South Africa and Singapore, now that his two-year probation for an unspecified juvenile offense has been completed.